Qupqugiaq Inn
640 W 36th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99503-5807

Found 3 reports:

Made reservation for program escort in Anchorage - she texted me after 11:00 pm as she had to wait for plane to land before getting taxi to the inn. Her text included three very disturbing photos of filthy bed, with no sheets, and covered in bedbug poop.

Well was put In room 216, and yes they have bed bugs.

Shortly after I was shot (9/23/14), I stayed at the Qupqugiaq Inn, I was there for nearly 2.5 weeks. The first room was okay and no troubles, but I was only there for 3 days, then went back for another two weeks. It was during this time, that I stayed in one of their pods. After the first week in the pods, I had not had any problems, but I noticed that the hotel was moving people around on the second floor, it was not until the next day that I learned they were having trouble with bed bugs.

Another couple of days and the bed bugs made their way into my pod. After management checked my room, I packed my things and went to check out. I still had half a week of my rent to use, but told them I would not stay there under those conditions and management refused to refund the unused portion of the week.

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