Travel Inn
720 Gambell St
Anchorage, AK 99501-3755

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I stayed 2 days in this hotel. I asked the manager about bedbugs and he said was not bedbugs. But at the second day I was with a lot of sticks in all my body. I saw a big bedbugs in my jacket. Never I saw too much infestation in my life. I had to leave the hotel and clean all my belongings take Benadryl because the itching and sticks. The hotel must to be closed forever June 25 2015

7/29/14 and still totally infested with bed bugs. The apartment buildings owned by the same owner of this hotel also are infested. He knows of all the problems and does not care. He has been running his business like this for years and will continue to do so.

My boyfriend and I stayed a night at the travel inn motel July 17, 2013. We couldn't sleep all night n did not sleep at all cause there was tons of bedbugs! The room we stayed in was so filthy. The carpet was stained, walls were dirty, the bathroom was very dirty, and the room stunk so bad! Tried asking the employee if we were able to move to a different room but he had told us the room we had stayed a night was "better" than the last two open rooms! I think this place shouldn't even be open. It

's infested not only with bedbugs but also roaches too!

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Bed Bug infestation, reports to health department don't seem to do any good, and they refuse to refund money. Failing to take care of their customers.

Various clients have complained about the dirtiness of this motel, and EVERY client I've met who's stayed here has become infested with bed bugs and carried them on to the next motel. Also I have heard complaints of mice and broken shower knobs.

This summer my girlfreind and i stayed in room 237 upstairs. We didn't notice anything for a day or two until we started getting really itchy in the morning's as well as tiny hole scabs. we saw blood spots on the sheets and then took the sheets off the mattress and it was infested with bugs in the cracks of the mattress. it took them about half a month to at least take care of that problem. with their lack of care for the problem it appeared they don't give a damn about their guest's at all.

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