Land's End Resort
4786 Homer Spit Rd
Homer, AK 99603-8001

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In late August of 2015, my family and I rented Lodge number 706 for two nights. A few days later after we went back home, we started noticing bug bites. Everyone that had slept in a bed received bed bug bites. I even went to the Doctor and they confirmed that I had bed bug bites. We called the hotel and made the report and a guy by the name of Mike told us that he would look into it and when I had asked him if this was a problem before he said that it wasn't. We then talked to a guy by the name

of John who is supposedly the owner and he said that they HAVE had a bed bug problem before (I'm assuming from the previous report in 2013). John said they went to investigate, ripped the carpet apart and ripped the bed open and stated that they did not find any bugs. This doesn't make sense to me why they would rip the carpet and bed apart without suspicion. We all know we got bed bug bites but what hotel would admit to it? Especially one like Land's End, who wants to keep their reputation. Sadly, that was our 3rd and last time we will be staying there. I would not recommend this place to anyone unless you want to get bed bug bites and then be told that they don't have any.

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Sept. 30-Oct. 3, 2013
Checked into hotel in late afternoon. Noticed our 2nd floor room did not " feel" clean. Furnishings worn but adequate. Stunning view of Alaska's glaciers and sea life. Did not fully unpack and got into bed. Both of us began to itch. I felt a sting on my finger. I slapped at the area and I could see a bite, skin red and some swelling. I said bed bugs. We have been a lot of places world wide and are cautious, look around, but never been exposed to bugs. Upon loser

inspection saw a few small stains on top sheet. Then killed a bed bug to show management. Next morning took evidence to front desk, they denied, showed the bite and sheets...the hotel still denied. We moved ourselves to another room and immediately "felt" a difference in cleanliness. Still worn furnishings but upon our inspection did not see any evidence of bed bugs. The hotel never apologized or admitted there were bugs. We did not unpack. Kept suitcases off floor but threw them away upon return and super cleaned everything else. We both had itches for several days but no more bites.

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