Goldbelt Hotel Juneau
51 Egan Dr
Juneau, AK

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I don't know anything about what happened in January of 2013, but I am pleased to say that since the 1-23-13 report, all of our sleeping rooms have been completely remodeled from the wall coverings to the carpet, furniture and linens. I have personally stayed in one of these rooms without incidence. Rather, the room was was very comfortable, clean, and the bed/bedding of very good quality. I slept like a baby. Additionally, our manager is very committed to the safety of guests and staff. No one

should have any concerns about staying at the newly renovated Goldbelt Hotel.

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I stayed at the Goldbelt Hotel from the 7th through the 9th of Januray 2013 when I got on the plane early that morning to return home I felt something not right on my upper right back. When I got home I looked at my back and it was covered with 4 or 5 bites in two rows and yes I'm a side sleeper with my upper back on the bed right at that angle of the bites.
Upon seeing them I asked a friend to look at them and then we compared it to the bites shown on a medical site on the internet of what a

bed bug bite looks like. Exact match. This is really gross to me ~ I covered them in cotton and neosporin and hoped they would go away and I would not scratch them for fear of it getting worse.

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