Super 8 Juneau
2295 Trout St
Juneau, AK 99801-8036

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Stayed on Oct 18, 2015 and again Oct 23 to Oct 27, 2015. On Oct. 26, I noticed a row of bites on the back of my neck. After returning home, on Oct 28 I noticed more bites on my arms and the horrible itching began. My daughter stayed with me between the 23rd and 27th and she has also developed numerous terrible itching bites since getting home. She called the motel to report it and they weren't really interested in hearing about it. I have emailed them and have not received a reply from them yet.

We have both checked all of our belongings and cannot find any signs of bringing them home with us...she lives in AK and I live in NY.

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Found a bed bug and reported it to the front desk. They didn't seem surprised!

After missing a flight, needed a place to crash for the night. Checked the bed seams and bedding before crashing didn't find anything at first. Just goes to show you how elusive they are, upon waking at 4 am found a bug about 3mm in length, about the size of a tick. Then found many more on the move; and so were we. Adios!

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