The Driftwood Lodge
435 W Willoughby Ave
Juneau, AK 99801-1727

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We stayed here during celebration 2014 and all the rooms occupied were without incident. I'm not sure what happened to the previous occupants but we did not have a problem at all

I stayed here for 4 nights in late February 2014, and hoped for the best despite the previous post. Unfortunately, it was the last morning before I left- I woke up and saw several bed bugs crawling towards me in the bed. I informed the folks working there when I checked out and they didn't act at all surprised. Every single thing I brought back with me didn't come into my house without being put inside several trash bags first, but the bites didn't show up until ~3-7 days later. They were like m

osquito bites but worse- red, itchy but they burned. Glad I didn't bring the bed bugs home. After years of checking this website before travel to so many different places, I can't believe here I am finally writing a report myself.

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We were staying in room 316 on 7/31/13. I woke up around 3 in the morning and saw little bugs crawling across the sheet by my face. I got up and looked in the other bed my husband was sleeping in and there were more crawling on the sheets there, too. We got our baby up and our things out of the room, and they moved us to 206. An inspection there at first showed no bugs, then we saw one crawl across the bed. We went to 317, where my parents were staying, inspected their beds and found nothing, so

put our baby to sleep with them and began the long process of washing and drying all our belongings from the room that we could, and bagged up everything else.

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