Westmark Sitka
330 Seward St
Sitka, AK 99835-7523

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An update to a review I left on 3/21/14: my phone call was finally returned from the Westmark Sitka. I'd like my review removed, but in case it isn't removed from this site I NO LONGER BELIEVE THAT MY DAUGHTERS BED BUGS CAME FROM THIS HOTEL. The General Manager of The Westmark Sitka called every guest of the hotel that had stayed in the room we stayed in until he found me because he had never received my message. He spent 20 minutes hearing my account of the events. He assured me that the room w

as thoroughly checked. He apologized for what we had to go through even though it was no fault of his hotel!

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I stayed there with my preschool age daughter. We were in Sitka for a medical procedure. We stayed for 3 nights. I believe the bed bugs were attracted to her because she still had some bleeding from one of her ears. She also played in the window a lot, and with the curtains. Big mistake!! She has very thick dark curly hair. I believe the bugs were drawn to the blood, and got trapped in her hair. I have learned way more than I ever wanted to know about bed bugs. They were only in her hair. Nobody

else in our family ever got them. I took her to the pediatricians office, and a physicians assistant said they were bed bugs. I called The Westmark Sitka to tell them. The woman who answered said she would tell the manager. I asked for the manager to return my call. It's been a week.

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