Homewood Suites by Hilton Phoenix/Scottsdale
9880 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

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My husband and I checked into Homewood Suites on 4/30/19. I was in town for major surgery. We checked out the room when we arrived but found no physical evidence of bed bugs. We suffered no bites for the first few nights. I checked into the surgery center on 5/2/19 and returned to the hotel room on 5/5/19. I first had bites on my left arm. We checked the room again, including mattresses, sheets and drawers, but still found no evidence of bugs. By the time we checked out on 5/9/19 we both

had bites in multiple locations. I had more bites than my husband. A friend looked at photos of my bites and told us it looked like the bed bug bites he had experienced. He also commented he had seen no physical evidence of infestation but was still bit. My bites became unbearably itchy by 5/11/19 and we went to our local emergency room. The doctor there confirmed it was bed bug bites and prescribed a very strong antihistamine.

I mentioned the bites when we checked out. We were still not 100% sure what we had experienced since we never did find any bugs or blood. But we now know it was bed bugs and most definitely came from the room at Homewood.

Everyone at the hotel was very nice. But I feel it's irresponsible to not share our story.

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