Anaheim Plaza Hotel and Suites
1700 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802

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i saw a bedbug when i went

We have stayed at this hotel at least five or six times over the past 8 years and have always found it to be clean & adequate lodging while visiting Disneyland. But my daughter & her cheer squad have stayed three times between January and April 2011. I noticed she came home with three bites in a row near her eyebrow. She brushed off my concern & said oh its pimples from perspiring! Turns out it was bed bug bites and she brought them home with her!! Now I am dealing with trying to get rid o

f them in our home!!!

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I just returned home. I have bites all over. I did report it to the desk and am taking the utmost precautions by throwing away anything I can. What an unpleasant nightmare.

i was 4 months ago w out problems. i dont care w they speak.

I stayed at this hotel for one night and had bug bites near my eyes and body. I saw it in the morning but didnt register in my mind till my wife asked me in the car as we were leaving the hotel. the lounge was not very clean. breakfast room ... i didnt eat ok coz i would not even ask a prisoner to eat in that room. front desk lady.... was very average in customer service.

Overall .... the front desk staff and the housemaids needs a lot of training on how to do their job the right way. maids n

eed to speak atleast some english for communication with customers. I respect them that they speak spanish but they need to learn a little bit of english to be able to comply with the customers needs.

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