Del Sol Inn
1604 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802-2314

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We stayed at the Del Sol Inn at Anaheim on the 13th April, 2015. After spending one night there I developed bites on my neck and face. At first I thought they were hives but discovered they were bed bug bites. I had to attend a conference straight after and was humiliated to attend with 3 big bites on my neck and 5 on my face. Awful and disgusting. I'm visiting from Australia where this problem doesn't exist. Can't believe hotels are dirty enough to have this problem.

Arrived on Oct 26, Found bugs in bed (captured the bugs in a glass) on Oct 30. Reported them on Oct 30 to Hotel manager. Hotel moved us to another room. More Bed bug bites appeared on Nov 1, We went home on Nov 3, covered in bite marks. Told manager, we missed going to Universal Studios, missed using rental car that we booked for 2 days, because we spent full day doing laundry hoping to kill any bugs in clothes.
Motel only compensated us 1.5 days stay. we were in room with the bugs for

4 days
Went home & sent two requests for full room cost to be compensated. Finally received credit for the money spent on rooms but no other compensation for stress, rental car cost that wasn't used, tickets that wasn't used, cost of steamer that was purchased to kill any bugs or eggs.
Came home had to purchase a steamer to clean the luggage, threw away items that couldn't be steam cleaned, rain coat, poncho.
I would rather walk an extra block than be constantly checking for bugs if they came home with us on our luggage, and have the stress of looking for bugs. This hotel is not worth the stess

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