Portofino Inn & Suites Anaheim
1831 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802

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WE stayed at this hotel December 2012..We came back home and were displaced from our home due to a flood. and came back home 4 months later to discover bed begs.Never had a problem with bugs in this home ever and from reading the articals can now say that we more than likely took them home from this hotel

We stayed here for 4 nights reciently in may . in room 2516 . the first night my husband noticed a few bites we didnt think much of it than the second night he had some on his face we thought it was just mosquitos. the next 2 nights myself and mom started getting bit up. all over my tummy back arms n hand . i always check the roome first and didnt notice anything so we thought ok we can stay.now between myself n husband we have over 40 bites. we notified the hotel n they said they will have some

one check into it.Really i have to miss work i think they should give a refund. i really hope we didnt bring any home i will be pissed.

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Stayed here in the end of March 2013

We recently stayed here our trip to Disneyland (room 2204) and I looked at the sheets on the bottom bunk and I saw multiple blood stains. It was disguising I didn't know that it was bed bugs or else I would have complained.

JAN 25-JAN 28. The hotel was very dirty to begin with. I stayed on the 2nd floor. The next day i noticed bites on my leg but had no idea what is was from. I never thought about bed bugs. The second night woke up with more bites. I got home and it occurred to me BED BUGS!! I called the hotel and they said they would get check out the room tomorrow and have the manager call me. I just hope i didnt bring any home!!!

We stayed at the Portofino in October 2011. At the time, I noticed on several occasions that there were blood stains on our sheets but without knowing about bed bug bites I blew it off as having a scrape and I remember thinking that they must not change the sheets very often. Several weeks after coming home we started noticing bites on our legs... We checked our bed at home and we found several live bed bugs!! After doing some research online, I located photos of bed bug blood smears and they lo

oked the same from what we saw!! Now we are going to have to pay $1000's of dollars to get our home fumigated! I will never stay at this hotel again!!

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The hotel is very pleasant but I was worried about the cleanliness of the rooms. I checked our mattresses and behind the beds. Although there was a lot of debris and dust, I felt like it was safe to sleep. I had a few concerns with the bottom bunk bed. The mattress cover was filled with debris, hair, stains (blood?). On the 3rd day my son woke up with a couple of bites. On the last day, I woke up with bites on my leg. The hotel graciously said that they would look at the room and they offer

ed to discount us quite a bit.

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I was a board certified pest inspector years ago and I always check mattresses of hotels before staying, and for the first time I found them here today. I kept a dead one for proof in case I need it when I call the health department tomorrow. This really put a damper on our vacation, and now we are in a hotel for twice the price for the next three nights...but it is worth it!! They stated that they have no "live infestation currently, but had a recent problem" but when I pulled the box spring

s back they had bugs, hatched egg cases, and smear marks from the bug poop. I checked out immediately!

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We were traveling with a high school band and spent 3 nights at the Portofino Inn. Dates:
May 26, 27 & 28.

4 girls in out group stayed in room 1217 and the first night they pulled back the sheets they thought they saw 'crumbs' in the bed. That morning, a couple of the girls woke up with bites on their legs. They had the sheets change. The girls didn't report it to the chaperones until the second morning when they had MORE bites. Upon inspection of the room they found the tell tale s

igns of bed bugs and the chaperones insisted on a new room. When they flipped the mattress there was a used sanitary napkin between the mattresses and more signs of bedbugs.

We moved the girls to a new room and 2 of the chaperones moved to a new room as well because one of the chaperones left and we had access to another room. Once they moved - 3 doors down from the other room into 1223, one of the chaperones woke up with bites on her legs. She's not sure if she received it in bed that night or if she received the bites when she was moving the girls out of the other room.

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