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Good Morning:

I am the General Manger of this hotel. Although we take the topic of bedbugs very seriously and attend trainings and seminars, I am very disappointed by the post of Mad Mom on 6/27/11.
This guest never notified us of a problem while our guest or when they returned home. We came across the allegation online. Immediately we conducted an inspection of the room both internally as well as by Orkin Pest Control. In both cases there was no activity of bed bugs found (for which I

obtained a formal report stating that). We immediately and pro-actively contacted the guest. What we were informed by the guest is that not only did they stay at our hotel but also on their visit they stayed at another hotel for a few days in Valencia, California. It is obvious that the guest encountered the bedbugs at the other property. I look forward to having you as our guest at our BEDBUG FREE hotel.

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My two daughters and I just returned from the Ramada Maingate two days ago. We stayed in room 176 two nights, after night one my oldest daughter was complaining of bug bites and had several raised itchy bumps on her arms and legs. We thought at first this must be mosquito bites from being out at Disneyland the night before. After waking the next morning the last day we stayed there she had many more bites all over her body. We have now returned home and upon going through her suitcase and clothe

s we have found bed bugs in her clothes. YUCK! The hotel may be in the ideal location for visiting Disneyland but we will not be staying there again in the future. Unfortunately I have had to wash all of our clothes, sheets blankets and the like twice since we have come home and she is still being bitten. Looks like I will have to call and exterminator to get rid of the bugs.

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