Residence Inn Anaheim
1700 S Clementine St
Anaheim, CA 92802

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My wife and one of my kids were covered in bed bug bites. We were moved rooms and the hotel put other guests in the room right after we were checked out. When we questioned this they said they were not bed bugs but I work in a hotel and know how to find them and identify them. The new room we were moved into had them as well. Did not sleep in the beds and were covered in a rash that took mediaction and days to fix. Dont stay here. This happened in Feb. 2012

My family and stayed here April 15-19 2012. While the place is far from clean we tried to make the best of it. On our last night I was awake at 4am with my ipad and I saw a bug. After hours of deliberating on whether I should look it up to confirm, I did and I was correct it was. So we finally told the manager and while understanding he explained it is not as bad as I think and they come internationally....blah blah. After bagging all our stuff we returned and they had taken down all the cu

rtains and removed all bedding. Not a word was spoken after that. I will never return here.

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I just stayd at this hotel a ew days ago & also aquired bed bugs I thought maybe they were mosquito bites but now, I'm starting to think they're bed bug bites judging by the non stop itching ! I have pctures uploaded onto trip advisor my review is still pending, hopefully it goes up because this hotel has alot of good reviews and I dont understand why. it was like hell on earth. I have bites on my ankles, stomach,back & backside. unfortunately im still dealing with it now. I dont normally write

reviews but what I'm dealing with is uncalled for & I think the problem should be dealt with.I am EXTREMELEY UNHAPPY & DISSAPOINTED with my stay. worst hotel experience by far !!

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I also had a problem with bed bugs at the Residence Inn Anaheim hotel. We stayed in the kids suite in August of 2007, I was bitten all over my legs. We thought they were flea bites (because there was a dog staying next door) We were unable to change rooms because the hotel was full. I spent the entire vacation in a fog from taking sudafed and benadryl to try and curb the reaction. When I got home, I continued to be sick and when I took my foster son to the dr. he commented on the bites all o

ver my legs. I told him what had happened and he informed me that they were not flea bites, but bed bug bites and I was having a severe reaction too them. We called the hotel and also the Orange county health department. While the health department went out and inspected the hotel, they did not find any bugs in our room due to the fact that they had fumigated it after we left (due to my complaints) however they did find bugs in other rooms of the hotel. I have been dealing with the insurance company for almost 2 years now to get a reimbursement for everything I went through and they just keep saying its not the hotels fault that they had bed bugs. I also was given one night free stay to "make up" for what had happened to me. I am currently looking to hire a lawyer to pursue the matter, and have reported the problems to the CA insurance commission.

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THIS IS NOT A REPORT OF BED BUGS. This is a reply from the hotel about this specific situation. As soon as this guest checked out, we replaced ALL the linen in the room and deep cleaned everything plus we hired a pest control company to extinguish all and possible insects!

Management Team
Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate

Stayed at the Residence Inn Maingate near Disneyland. April 27 through May 1. The first morning we woke up, my 5 year old son put on a shirt that he had just briefly put into the dresser drawer. (He maybe just had it in there for 5 to 10 minutes, as he was goofing around while getting ready for breakfast). When we came back from breakfast 1/2 hour later, we noticed 30 bed bug bites on him, all under his shirt!

Management came to the room, saw our son, concurred that it was bed bug bites an

d noted that they occasionally do have "this problem". The manager agreed to our requests to launder all of our clothes, move us to a new room and "wiped down" our suitcases. However, after reading and researching, we realized that wiping suitcases is inadequate, and so on our return, we didn't bring our suitcases inside, laundered our clotehs on a high heat setting and wound up throwing some very expensive suitcases away. Management of the Residence Inn offered us a 2 day free stay (or one day paid back compensataion) - not even worth the cost of one of my suitcases - let alone the worry and anxiety, loss of sleep and pretty much ruining our family vacataion.

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