Staybridge Suites Anaheim
1855 S Manchester Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802-3804

Found 2 reports:

We checked in on Tuesday 20th May 2014, my husband woke up on the Wednesday morning with large bite marks over his body, the next day there were more bites and the marks were swollen and look like welts. We had check the bed but didnt see anything noticeable. The bites were painful and swelling more so we had to seek medical treatment.

On Day 4 of our stay my husband woke at 4am with more bites and swelling. After looking on the internet of what to look for we again checked the beds and this

time not only did we see evidence of them we also seen a few running when I moved the bed base cover.

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I stayed at that hotel on the 15th of JUL. 2010 and planned to stay until the 18th. At 2 am my wife woke me up with at least 8 bites on both arms. I got up and saw a minimum of 20 bugs on the bed, and I did squash a few of them and the bloob stained the whith sheets. I immediately woke the kids up, went to the front desk to demand the night manager to confirm the bug infestation since I left the dead bugs on the sheets, then drove back home to Las Vegas immediately.

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