Hampton Inn and Suites Colton San Bernardino
250 N 9th St
Colton, CA 92324-2915

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Checked in late, about 115am, was very tired. I always do a quick search for bed bugs when traveling, but was so exhausted, I just got into bed. About an hour in of sleeping, I kept feeling tingling on my arm and face. Finally, I felt my face swell and itch, so I turned the light on and saw bed bugs EVERYWHERE! On me, the pillow, the sheets. All sizes, adults and young. My face was swollen with bites, and my chest, arms and hand had bites. I was petrified, and started shaking. I tried to call fr

ont desk, but didn't work. Took my stuff downstairs and told clerk, who could see all my bites. She looked and confirmed bed bugs everywhere and took pics. Moved to a different floor, and here I am now. She called supervisor who said to comp the night. I am a model, and cannot work this week if my face looks like this.

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Stayed at hotel July 30th to August 1. Had a few small bites in a line appear on my arm after first day. Thought nothing of it until they started to pop up sporadically on my leg. Have not been doctor yet, but after consulting with my wife/nurse and online pretty positive they are exactly that. Room I stayed in was 322 (king with sofa bed).

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