Hilton Garden Inn San Bernardino
1755 S Waterman Ave
San Bernardino, CA 92408

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we run a nonprofit and went out on Saturday October 4th 2014 to celebrate my wife's birthday early.. we thought it would be nice to stay at a really nice place overnight and then go to an event that we were going to promote our nonprofit the next morning October 5th 2014. At about 0115 hrs on October 5th 2014, I woke up to the feel of itching on my arms and neck.. I turned on the light to see what was causing my itching and found a bed bug crawling on the pillow I was using.. I woke my wife up a

nd alerted her and immediately called the front desk to report the finding. I then instructed my wife to get one of the paper cups and catch the bug into the cup.. as i started to dress, I noticed one of these bugs on my underwear that was laying on the floor and saw two other bugs on the bed near where my t-shirt was. We took pictures of the bugs and gave the one that was in the cup to the attending person who came up to our room and witnessed the bug in the cup. I noticed several bumps on my arms and neck and took pictures of the bumps

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