Motel 6
111 W Redlands Blvd
San Bernardino, CA

Found 3 reports:

My dog and I stayed there 6/6/13-6/8/13. My pup has been scratching himself like mad since the morning of the 7th, and I am covered with angry red bumps from my feet to my face.
Had I known about this registry beforehand, I wouldn't have stayed there if THEY'D paid ME.
This is worse than when I had the chickenpox ):

My spouse and I stayed at motel 6 on 5/5/13. And I was sitting up in the bed the next morning when we woke up and saw a bed bug crawling on the blanket. I have 2 bites amd my spouse has about 7 or 8 all over his body. Hes miserable. I went to the front office to ask for a refund and she told me she had to call terminix and get file a incident report to refund my money. I haven't recieved a phone call yet and its 4 days later.

I stayed there from 1/24/13-1/28/13 and came home with bed bug bites all over me. I hadn't stayed anywhere else near that time frame

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