Cartwright Hotel
524 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA

Found 3 reports:

I stayed in the hotel in Jan 2014 and was covered in bits when I woke up. I spoke with the women at the front desk who started crying. I also spoke to the manager Ronnie Navas and showed him the bits. They paid for my dry cleaning. When I contacted them later they acted as if they have never had problem with beg bugs. urghh and totally gross

I woke up the other morning after staying for three nights at the hotel. Something had bitten me at least six times The bites are read and extremely itchy. The have been present for over a week now I believe them to be bed bug bites.

This address is now named the Larkspur Hotel, Union Square. It was on the list for the American College of Surgeons meeting OCT 2011 which is why I am here. I was packing and found a small bug walking across my bed. I captured it and compared with bed bug pics on line. It is a dead ringer. I showed it to the head of housekeeping in the hotel and she confirmed it is a bed bug. I am now reading about how to keep from bringing them back into my house.

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