Citi Suites SF
620 Jones St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1643

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Concerning Bed Bugs at 620 Jones Street - I am a long-term resident at the Gaylord, though there are true old-timers here (of 30+yrs)!

Back in 2004-5, the upper Tenderloin was hit with a major bed bug problem. The Gaylord had carpeting at the time and a few floors eventually got an infestation. The old owners were very quick to respond and the issue did not spread throughout the building.

In 2005, the building was purchased by CitiSuites and nearly all carpeting was removed. All hotels f

ace isolated incidents of bed bugs, but I haven't heard a peep from other long-term residents about bed bugs on their floors, or rooms. I'm thankful that we haven't had any pest problems since the basement was cleared out to become the nightclub

In response to a previous posting:

The management/staff are completely approachable and quick to act on building issues. Housekeeping is performed by an independent company that sends a regular staff to the building. If there were legitimate complaints about linens, etc - what would be the reason for management denial? Housekeeping failures would yield a service credit.

As for mattresses, well, if you're going to live any place long term...there is nothing as "fresh" as your own mattress and sheets. Just because it comes with the room, doesn't imply you're stuck with it.

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Just moved in to this apartment last week, only to find out that the unit I rented was infested with bed bugs. I was bitten around my body until I realized that it wasn't mosquito bites. I took all the sheets from the mattress and I saw all the droppings and black stains around the seam and sides of the mattress. It was really gross! Most of the sheets provided in this building have blood stains on them (thank goodness it is white) that you can easily spot. The management told me that no one has

complained before which I think it's not true. How can they miss all the blood stains on the bedding sheets and pillow covers that they provide? Anyway, I think people should know that this building is in fact infested, but they are quick to take corrective action by calling in professional exterminators. I am just hoping that they will exterminate the entire building since bed bugs are really hard to get rid of since they can migrate from unit to unit.

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