Park Hotel
325 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94108-4301

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Have been staying here in room 415 for 2 nights with no known problems, today me and my boyfriend were sitting on the bed and a little brown bug was crawling around on the sheets, we picked it up and flushed it and then went to the desk, he offered us new linen and later a new room, it was 1230 am so we chose to stay here for now unless something else turns up.. He told us that 'we don't have that problem here' ...

Found another bed bug crawling in my computer heading towards me. Found couple red marks on my skin too

My boyfriend and I were on a budget when we stayed at the Park Hotel, so we weren't expecting anything fancy at all. During the first night in our room, we noticed a few small bugs crawling on the mattress and up the wall by the head of the bed. We had never seen bedbugs before, so we wanted to make absolutely sure that's what they were (although any bugs at all would still deserve a complaint), so we looked up about them online and, sure enough, they looked exactly the same. We complained to th

e girl at the desk and she put us in a new room. We checked everywhere and was vigilant all night and there were none in the new room we stayed in.

I'm thinking just some of the rooms had it, but regardless, we're never staying there again.

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