Sir Francis Drake Hotel
450 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1504

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Stayed in a room on the 18th floor one night (I think 1819) and in room 1102 for two nights, rows and clusters of bites on both ankles found as leaving town.

Stayed in a room on the 18th floor one night (I think 1819) and in room 1102 for two nights, rows and clusters of bites on both ankles found as leaving town.

Stayed in a room on the 18th floor one night (I think 1819) and in room 1102 for two nights, rows and clusters of bites on both ankles found as leaving town.

Visited February 2015. A few days after I returned I found bites on my neck. I called and after a week and a very lackluster attempt by them to reach me they told me they did find bed bugs in my room. Instead of offering me ideas of how to deal, they kept asking me what I wanted to do. It was like dealing with a used car dealers. Very disappointing not only about the bugs but about their response.

I too stayed at room 1127, one week after the prior person's report. I was utterly savaged by bed bugs, with around 50 bites on my back, arms, and foot. I've spent the last three weeks itching.

The manager took only 1 day off the bill, and after being confronted with the Bedbug registry report, stated that they had found a 'nest of mosquitoes' in the room prior to my arrival and fumigated it. Phooey!! They never got rid of the infestation in the first place!

Beyond looking like a smallpox

victim, I had to dry clean and wash all my clothes twice. So many sister Kimptons are so much better in the city. The Palomar's a perfect example.

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I have stayed at this hotel about 30 times, usually for 3-5 days at a time, during the last 2 1/2 years. Never before have I had an issue until this past weekend, October 5, 2012 through October 9, 2012. I stayed in two rooms, 1710 on October 5, and 1127 October 6-8 (out on Oct 9), though I am fairly certain the encounter was made in 1127.

I spoke with Front Officer Manager Ms. C. Jones, and explained what I experienced, upon checkout on October 9, 2012. She said that they would have a com

pany that specialized in bedbugs come and "tear up" the rooms to ensure they find the bedbugs if they are there, and then to perform whatever extermination services might be necessary.

I provided her with my contact information in person prior to leaving the hotel, and then followed up this morning, October 10, 2012, with an email including pictures that show the lines of bites on my arm and back. I did not include additional photos of lines of bites on my hand/wrist and lower leg, though I have those, too. Clearly, this was caused by bedbugs walking down the body while feasting on me.

I hope to hear from her soon, and certainly that they were able to locate them. If they don't, my faith in their process and "bedbug service" will leave me scared to stay at this hotel in the future, as the numbers will only multiply and spread. I have 18 bites that are clearly defined with welts, all in a line, that started showing up on Sunday through Tuesday evening. The bedbugs are there.

Updates to follow.

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I previously wrote here and i am updating the situation. The management responded back and they told me that they inspected with pest control company and found no signs of bed bugs. However they informed their house keeping people about the room condition where i stayed in and still made amands to me. I am satisfied with their followup and hope it doesn't happen again in the future. Benjamine was very friendly and helpful. I only heard good things about this place so hope i was just unfortunate.

Had bites in a line on arms. Stayed in room 1417 on 5/5/2012. I researched and bed bugs bites a line pattern known as breakfast, lunch, dinner on arms and legs. I found three lines of bites on my arms which is possibly bed bug bites. Waiting for the manager to contact me back about my compaints. I can supply picture but this website don't have such option. I wore long sleeve-less sleepwear so didn't get bites on legs. Linen smell like an old or unwashed. Quite dissapointed for such an expensive

hotel. Almost feel like they gave me worse room because i am asian.

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We have not had any reports of bed bugs to any manager working in the hotel that relates to any of these posts. Any rooms that have a bed bug report are inspected by an outside pest control agency and there is no record of bedbug activity in the hotel in well over a year.

We believe these posts are malicious with the intent of disrupting our business and reputation.

John Price
General Manager

I think this might be my problem as well, what room were you all in?

This hotel may be historic and charming but is full of bedbugs and not clean at all. The bites my boyfriend and I received are awful! We are scared that they came home with us in our suitcases and are appalled by the service and treatment we received after voicing our complaints. It will cost a fortune to be rid of these disgusting bugs and the bites on my back and legs are horrible. We wouldn't wish this experience on anyone so please be warned and careful. Many hotels in SF are suffering from

this problem but some are not. Be sure and check the Internet before you make reservations. Not only did we lose money, but we will have to pay further costs to make sure our suitcases and home are not now infested. Please be smart and do your research.

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Tyson on 5/24/11: Bed bugs in multiple rooms with management not willing to address problem or compensate for bites and possible home extermination costs. Maids know about problem but can do nothing because of poor management. I don't recommend this hotel at all and encourage all to carefully check their rooms and mattresses for bedbugs.

4/21/11 - checked in at circa 1 am. Found several bed bugs in room and checked out to find another hotel. Front desk clerk helful but unsurprised - suspect they already knew of problem.

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