Villa Florence Hotel
225 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94102-2205

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May 2013: I asked about bed bugs before booking and the lady at the hotel said,"I've never heard of any bed bugs here, and I've been working here 1.5 yrs." I checked in, less than 30 minutes later I found a bed bug moving in the room. I killed it, put it in a bag and showed the same lady I spoke to before. She was very nice and applogetic, but said it didn't look like a bed bug to her. I asked that it be confirmed. The next day I receive a call from a gentleman saying "no bed bugs were found in

the room, so the room was safe." I asked about the bug I found. He said, "it was probably a random bug." I asked him to confirm it with their pest company. I spoke with him a hour later and he confirmed it was a bed bug, but appeared to be just a molting, or a very old dead bug since it wasn't "tacky". I told him it was MOVING before I killed it. I asked if they would spray the room, or use trained dogs (like some hotels). He said dogs were too expensive to use for small infestations, and they planned to spray...just not right away, but they would the at the next scheduled pest control visit. I asked him if there ever was a problem with bed bugs in the past, and he said, "not for a VERY long time." I asked how long ago. He said, "a VERY long time ago". I asked him how long that was, and he replied, "Four months, but that was on a completely different floor." A few days later I called the hotel (without identifying myself) and asked if they had any problems with bed bugs. The same lady I spoke to originally, and handed the bed bug to replied cheerfuly, "I've never heard of any bed bugs here, and I've been working here 1.5 yrs." I independently had the photo of the bed bug confirmed as a bed bug. If anyone wants to dispute this information, that's fine. I have photos, video, and audio recordings that may provide more insight, but I think my comments accurately describe my experience, so I see no need to post those. The staff was always very friendly and kind through the whole process. I am simply reporting my experience. It's too bad they don't have any bed bug proof covers on either their mattresses or their box springs like some hotels. SF seems to have a lot of bed bug issues.

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