Quality Inn & Suites Baymeadows Jacksonville
8333 Dix Ellis Trl
Jacksonville, FL

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5/22/19 I've arrived at the hotel. checked the bed, and slightly checked the mattress. I believe I am good to go. I'm watching a show and feel something crawling up my arm. I hope it is an ant. It is a bed bug, a younger one that is reddish not quite black/brown.I have no other option/nowhere to stay. It is late at night. I flush it down the sink. I notice inside the sink another very young/small bug. I lift the mattress and look at the creases and it has the hallmark staining of bedbugs all thr

oughout it. I do not know how many are crawling within the mattress. I slept in the bathtub and put my luggage on the sink. I never placed it anywhere but on a stand table across the room. Definitely bed bugs present among many other bugs.

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