Miami Intl Airport Hotel
Miami International Airport
Miami, FL 33122

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Stayed room 331 29.jan for one night. Did sleep only few hours. It was luck. Don't even imagine how bad it would be after sleeping more. I have about 50 bites and they are infected bad. Now having antibiotics. This ruined my vacation as I have only week. People are staring at me even I have long sleeve shirt. No pool. No sun. And when I called hotel receptionist slashed phone to my ear when I called to inform them not to accommodate anyone to this room until it's treated.

After missing our flight we had no choice but to book a room at this hotel at the Miami intl airport. The lobby looks very nice with leather chairs and very clean. They charge $150 per night a big rip off, we entered the 5th floor and the first thing I noticed was the old musty smell from the carpet. The room looked clean but needed to be aired out,there is also no free wifi and we needed to check for outgoing they screw u with the smelly rooms and no free wifi. I payed for wifi and c

hecked out this motel/hotel on the Ed bug registry, was not surprised to find 8 complaints omg! I immediately called down to the manager who of course denied havin g bed bugs in the hotel, she told me I cannot believe everything I read and that ppl bring bed bugs to hotels. She also offered me the phone no. For the Hilton. The four ppl I was traveling with wanted me to suck it up for the one night. I returned to the room did not open my suitcase, stayed dressed and sat up in the chair for the entire night. I was exhausted but had no choice at this point my group was not going to another hotel, the others slept on the top of the sheets no blankets, I stayed awake all night fully dressed. At 6am. We were out of there I looked like hell! Blood shot eyes and no lipstick not a pretty sight. We got out on stand by thank god, got back to Montreal. I would not advise anyone to stay here I'm sure there are bed bugs in this hotel. But if u have no choice stay on top of the sheets or use the chair and the large foot stool. Good luck.

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Dec. 5 2013
Traveling as a group, have had three reports since returning from this trip of travelers bringing home hitchhikers and having to take care of the issue in their home for considerable cost.
Recommended to stay at another hotel. This one is run-down anyway.

Only a fool would stay here after reading this report. If you walk into a room, you'll notice it's not the cleanest hotel but in an airport, you expect that due to high volume If you think you can put up with it for 'just one night', think again. There are plenty of hotels within 5 minute cab ride so there are convenient options. The bedspread was so stained, we threw that on the floor but stayed anyway.
On April 30, 2012, we stayed on the 6th floor on a one night layover. It's a little kn

own fact, but bed bug bites may appear weeks later. Seven nights after the stay, I had a severe reaction. Welts all over my legs, but some on my arms too. In fact, I was quite ill too so went to the doctor. Diagnosis: bed bug bites. At least 60 bites. It's now 12 days later, and I am still reacting with additional welts and malaise. NOTE: we've had our house, luggage, clothing a bed bug sniffing beagle, and we are clean. The exterminator said a one night stay is generally going to mean no hitchhikers. Glad we didn't stay longer!
I stay in hotels routinely and have NEVER had a problem. I had not been in any hotels for 3 weeks prior to this stay. There is no question where this attack took place.

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stayed in hotel 1 apr wake up with 92 bites all over my body! do not stay in this hotel i stayed in room 319!!!

My husband and I stayed at this hotel on 05/07/11. We did not see any bed bugs nor did we experience any bites or welts on our skin.

I stayed on February 16, 2011 for one night. Room 528. About midway through the following day I noticed about 13 bites on my hand, arms, shoulder and torso.

I called the hotel to let them know about the rash on my body and how I suspected that it was bed bugs form this hotel. THeir response - no bed bugs. Supposedly they have already checked with an exterminator who gave them a report that the hotel was "clean". My advice, STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL !! There are bed bugs in here. I did not check the mattress as we were too tired and just clonked for 5 hours while waiting for our next flight.

DO yourself a favor and check in at a hotel nearb

y and not this one in the airport. To the management at the hotel, take complaints from customers more seriously.

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Stayed there on January 31st - Room 652 - and woke up and left early for flight. Arriving home I noticed I had massive bites/welts on legs. Searching the web pics, there's no doubt in my mind it's bed bugs. Disgusting.

I always check for bed bugs and pulled down the sheets to check the mattress. No signs anywhere that I could fine. Placed my luggage on the desk. The I woke up this morning with one welp on my knee. After my flight home I started to itch more. I pulled of my pants to find numerous welps on my legs.

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