Extended Stay America - Tampa - North Airport
5401 E Beaumont Center Blvd
Tampa, FL 33634

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Stayed for 4 days, Thursday January 28- Monday Feb. 1, 2016. I was bitten the first night I stayed didn't think any thing of it just thought it may be some kind of flying insect that was in my room. I have NEVER experienced bed bugs before so I did not know what to look for or what the signs were. I told the hotel stay the next morning and asked if someone could just fumigat the room while I was gone, the hotel staff did not check back with me on this fumigation nor did the room show any signs o

f it being fumigated. Again, I didn't think anything of the bites as they continued EVERY night during my entire stay. I was finally awoken on my final night there, I had slept in long pants and a jacket just to keep the bites off my arms, I went to use the restroom only to find bite markings on my hands and ear. I had looked everywhere for any indication of bed bugs, I am a germopobe so I sprayed EVERYTHING with a disinfected spray as well as wiping everything down with disinfected wipes. I saw no signs in fact the mattress looked brand spanking new. As stated on the final night after finding the bites on my body I went back to the bed pulled back the pillows and there was the bed bug crawling out from under the pillows. Like I stated I have NEVER experienced ANYTHING like this in my 28 years and I was a student athlete and I work with student athletes so I travel a lot and stay in a lot of hotels. The hotel itself seemed very nice and well kept and the staff was great, I only found one bed bug so to me it doesn't seem like an "infestation" but I do know where there is one there are more. I am just very disgusted and I pray this doesn't follow me home to KY.

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