Candlewood Suites
2650 Planet Ave
Salina, KS

Found 2 reports:

My husband and I stayed here in late December 2015. I had bedbug bites the next day-- about 10 all over my upper body and hands. We called the hotel, they checked the room and told us they had found 2 bedbugs in the room. They were kind and patient about it and refunded our stay, but luckily we were only there 1 night. My husband didn't have any reactions, but I had bad allergic reactions to the bites and was very uncomfortable for several days.
They told us they hadn't ever had any incidents

like this but looking on this website now, I see that they have had a previous report. It makes me very weary that they'd lie about this. I'd recommend finding another hotel in the area.

see full report...

The Candlewood Suites in Salina, KS has bed bugs. I have been a guest there for awhile and i was bitten multiple times. I notified Front desk and i was moved to another room right away. But people who actully work in the front desk told me they have had at least 3 rooms that they had to completely re-do. And we all know, if theres 3 rooms like this, theres more. As far as the date goes..It Started in Aug. 10 and is still on going as of Sept. 20th

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