Wyndham Andover Hotel
123 River Rd
Andover, MA

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I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to your comment concerning bed bugs at the Wyndham Boston Andover. As soon as we saw your comment, we responded immediately as we take these issues very seriously and have a procedure in place. Our vendor promptly inspected the room for bed bugs and did not find any bugs in that, or any other neighboring rooms. We are prepared to share the reported results of the inspection upon your request. The Wyndham fully understands this issue can be a problem i

n hotels. This issue is actually carried in and spread by humans and not as a result of uncleanly rooms. Our housekeepers and The Wyndham Boston Andover, are ranked amongst the very highest within the Wyndham Brand. They are trained, seasoned professionals who inspect each room on a daily basis.

We appreciate your concerns and feel comfortable that the bites are not from our hotel.

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We had a power outage in NH and needed to get to somewhere warm. We called and thought we were lucky to get a room at the Wyndham Andover Hotel Dec. 12 and 13th 2008. We have stayed there before and thought it was a nice hotel/no problems. We were in room 135 2 double beds with our kids. First morning I woke up with red marks on my belly and sides, I was the only one with marks so thought I was allergic to something in the sheets. I stripped the bed looked at the mattress and didn't see anything

so I had housekeeping make up my bed fresh. The power outage was to last longer so I booked another night Sunday the 14th 2008. Well next morning I was covered in bite marks (kinda looked like mosquito bites) some up my neck, all over the front of my upper chest, even a couple on my breast, on both of my sides, on my pelvic area, lower stomach and back.....in total about 60/70 marks. No one else seemed to have any marks so I really thought I was allergic to something (which is weird cause I stay in alot of hotels and my skin has never had an allergic reaction in or out of a hotel). Our last night there about 8pm in the evening my husband had about 10 of the same bite marks on his stomach and leg. We decided to get off that bed we moved to the other bed and slept in our clothes ontop of the covers. Our daughter slept on the floor on some pillows and our son slept in the chair and ottoman (he had slept there since the first night). The infected bed was left with no one on it. Next day we got a room at the new Holiday Express in Seabrook NH (I'm mad we didn't get that hotel in the first place it was a clean room and bed and it was the first night my skin wasn't crawling). We left Wyndham I never reported what happened (I really didn't feel like pulling my shirt or pants up/down for strangers in the lobby. As of today Dec 17th 2008.....I still have the red marks although not as bright and they do seem to be going away, I think I'm going to take a picture of them, just to have. We will never stay at the Wyndham again and I will definitely tell everyone I know about what happened. There is no doubt in my mind that at least one bed the one closest to the window(could be both) is infested with bed bugs or mites..something that bites the skin.

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