Sleep Inn & Suites Allendale
4869 Becker Dr
Allendale, MI 49401-8616

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On 1/30/16 we stayed in 205 and found several bed bugs on the upper end before we even got into bed. So disgusting! We were moved to another suite where we found no bed bugs but hair all through the sheets. This was an "upgraded" room at no additional charge. They changed the sheets in front of us but did not want to offer any compensation. The manager told my husband that perhaps we brought them with us... Terrible customer service. SOOOO disgusting.

01/09/2016 We checked into our room (308) and I did my usual bed bug check. The bed closest to the door checked out good but when I check the second bed we found a bed bug. I killed it with a Kleenex. We went to the front desk and they gave us a full refund and we went and slept in my daughters apartment for the night. They never asked to see the bug and did admit that they had had problems in the last week with bed bugs.

Checked in room 203 and we settled down ready to hit the hay. My mistake, as I forgot to check the bed. Thankfully, I had trouble sleeping and was on my phone when I noticed something in my peripheral vision. It was a bed bug. I sat up and moved my pillow and there were tons more! I feel so disgusting. We went to the front desk and they gave us a new room. I tore the place apart looking for any signs, but thankfully havent found anything. We checked each other for bites, but don't re

ally expect them to show up just yet. I'm already itching at the thought of it.

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Checked in 9/26/15 after seeing the last
Report took apart bed looked under dust ruffle
And at least 10 bed bugs. So grossed out.

My entire basketball team was staying at the hotel. When I woke up in the morning, there was a bug moving very slowly near my head. I killed it with a kleenex, and a ton of blood oozed out of it. About 2 days later, bites showed up on my arms and back. Probably 15-20 bites. I did sanitize everything. They didn't charge us for the room, but didn't offer any other compensation.

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