Courtyard Detroit Downtown
333 E Jefferson Ave
Detroit, MI 48226-4326

Found 2 reports:

I stayed there last night on 10/26/2012 and woke up with bed bug bites all over my back. I am praying I didn't bring them home because I have a 2 year old and an infant. I have washed everything I brought home in hot water and dried it, hopefully that will eliminate any travelers! I am beyond disgusted.

I stayed the night of 12/13/11. I did (what I thought was) a thorough check for bed bugs the night before looking all around the mattress, beneath the bed skit, around the night stand, and in the cracks on the headboard and saw no bugs. At 5:30am I woke up and grabbed my cell phone to check email. In the dark, my cell phone illuminated a tiny bug near the pillow. I ran to the bathroom to get a ziplock bag that I use for travel supplies and captured it. I searched the internet and figured ou

t it was a very small bed bug. I alerted the staff and they took it very seriously and immediately responded by checking the room more thoroughly. The staff member pulled out the bed from the wall (something I didn't do the night before but should have) and looked for more bed bugs. We saw another larger bug moving near where the wall and the floor meet. The staff took all of my clothing & put it in the dryer on high to kill any potential bed bugs and sprayed my suite case. The staff said they were going to call their exterminator. The staff filed a report for me and were very professional.

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