MGM Grand Detroit
1777 Third St.
Detroit, MI 48226-2561

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Aug 28, 2014

Found 3 bed bugs crawling on the pillow cases when I woke up around 4am in the morning. I gathered my items and requested a new room immediately. I was assigned a new room but still had to pay for the stay. All I got offered was a bottle of water for my troubles.

Came to MGM to enjoy a night out with some friends, got some drinks and sat down with a party having drinks also.. come to find out the drinks were on us within minutes of attempting to enjoy the evening I noticed hives on my body that wasnt there when I arrived. I tried not to let this completely ruin the evening but even after reporting this to the hotel they denied it like it wasnt possible, and made it seem as though I was asking for something for free, I asked them if they didnt believe wha

t i was saying run the tape in the area of where it happened. I ran Out of there to get out of my clothes as fast as I could. They didnt offer an apology, or simple we'll look into this matter. Damn make people feel comfortable about returning to your casino, dont get offended and get mad cause I'm bringing a IMPORTANT matter to your attention. this was crazy they lost a guest and hopefully people will see too. An employee told me information on her own and said she took them home though. People must say something.. Complain Review whatever.. Its your money!

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We stayed in a Luxury Corner Suite on Nov. 12th, 2011 and came home with welts and bed bugs that have now invaded our home. I just found this site and obvoiusly posted immediately. Make sure you check the BED!!!

On Oct 1st 2011, we stayed the night at the MGM Grand Detroit we woke up at 4am and noticed a bug on the sheets.... when we started to look we found more and more.... I would say we found at least 15 on one bed and 15 on another! The hotel moved us to a new room on a different floor but the bugs came with us we found one on our friends shirt when we got there. So disguised and scared that I may have brought them home I am taking all precautions.... this was the most horrific thing I have ever ex


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Saturday, December 4, 2010.

Went to bed Saturday night. Woke up with in itch on my thigh. Didn't see anything at the time. Drove home on Monday. Had three hardened welts on my leg which turned red two days later.

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