Radisson Blu Minneapolis
35 S 7th St
Minneapolis, MN 55402

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5/20/19 – Checked in to Room 703 at the Radisson Blu Minneapolis
5/21/19 – Checked out of Radisson Blu Minnesota at approximately 930am
Flew to Chicago the afternoon of 5/21/19
5/21/19 late afternoon – checked into Westin Michigan Avenue at approximately 715pm. Left for dinner approximately 30 minutes later. During dinner I felt bumps on my right arm. When I was able to remove my clothing, there were multiple bites up and down my right arm and two on my left hand (pictures available).

5/22/19 at approximately 843am I called the Radisson Blue Minneapolis and spoke to the Manager on Duty, Lihn Nugyen to report what I suspected may be bed bugs bites and a possible infestation in my luggage. He said I would have to go to a doctor and provide him a medical report stating I had been bitten by bed bugs, which I did not do as I was traveling on business, but I did take pictures of the bites. I asked to have the room inspected to determine if there were indeed bed bugs. He advised me they could not inspect the room as it was occupied. He said he would follow up with me once they were able to inspect and obtain a report from their pest control company. I never received a follow up call, so called again at 258pm. Once again I was told the room was occupied. Because I was unable to get a confirmation of the room status I took preventative measures by having all of my clothing washed and dried and high temperature and put them in plastic bags. I disposed of two pieces of luggage as I did not have access to steam equipment while I was traveling.
5/23/19 – I purchased two new pieces of luggage to utilize during the rest of my trip. At approximately 1245pm I had still not received any follow up calls from the Radisson. I called their customer care number (800) 615-7253 at approximately 1254pm Central Time. The agent referred/transferred me back to the hotel. I spoke to Ariana Demodoin who mentioned she had recently started as the housekeeping manager. She said that the mattresses in the room had been replaced. I mentioned to her that the previous manager said the room was occupied. So I am not sure what truly was done to the room. She promised to investigate and call me back within 2-3 hours. Which did not happen.
5/24/19 – 805am Central Time. Ariana called back to tell me that she was still investigating and it was taking longer than expected. She promised to follow up with me. I forwarded Ariana the original follow up email I sent to the Manager on Duty on 5/22/19 (I mistyped the email address for him so he did not receive it). Included in that email were the pictures of the bites, details of the incident and my public health concerns.
Today is 5/25/19 at 917pm. I still have no information or follow up from the Radisson.

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