Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, New York City in Queens, NY
4034 Crescent St
Long Island City, NY 11101

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We booked this hotel for 12/28/2015-12/30/2015. When we checked in, we found dead bed bugs in the mattress cover and blood stains from bedbugs on the sheets. We were offered another room, but if there are bedbugs in one room, they are in others too! We were refunded for 2 nights and stayed at a different (bug free!) hotel.

Stayed at this hotel from 11/06 till 11/09.. Everything was great until after the first night.. I woke up with bites all over me. My boyfriend has no bites on him however some people do not have the allergic reaction to bites. We didn't have the money for another hotel so we toughed it out and transferred through three rooms due to the bed bugs... EACH room was infested!!! Do not stay here they literally will eat you alive while you sleep and hotel owners must think that's okay!!!

I with my wife booked this hotel from 30/12/2014 till 05/01/2015. In the morning of 01/01/2015 I found a bed bug on my arm and a few bites. I go to the front desk with this bug in glass. They offered me another room but I insist on full refund without any fines. They agreed but it take one more time to visit this hotel and a lot of phone conversation with Now is 08/01/2015 and I still don't get all money back. Also we had to find another hotel in the morning of 01/01/2015 and it was

not easy.

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