Royal Atlantic Beach Resort
126 Edgemere St
Montauk, NY

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Insure a Heebee-GeeBee® free nights’ sleep when you contract with our Bedbug Detection K-9 Service.

Visitors – When staying in NYC we will work with your hotel management staff and offer a ‘Clean Bill of Health’ for your luggage and hotel room*

Homeowners – We will check your home from end to end . This is important if you’ve traveled recently.

Apartment and Dorm Residents – We will come to your apartment/dorm and ‘sweep’ all rooms and contents for the presence of b

edbugs, Eggs, Larve, and Nymphs.

Offices – We will go to your office and sweep your room (or cubicle) and immediately adjoining rooms or cubicles for the presence of Bedbugs.

Schools – We will work with your child’s school Principal and perform a sweep of the classroom and student’s book bags**


Our dogs are trained to search for the presence of pheromones which are excreted by bedbugs throughout the various stages of their lives including during their period of hibernation which could last several months when you might not see them.

If our dogs alert – we will tell you where. WE ARE NOT EXTERMINATORS. We have NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Why is this so important?

First and Foremost, we are K-9 Detection professionals, not exterminators who walk around with a dog on a rope. A K-9 Handler needs to know how to read a dog accurately and identify when the dog is in odor.

Next, we do not stand to gain anything by telling you that you have bedbugs, nor do we stand to loose anything by telling you that you don’t. We do not recommend anyone or steer you towards any extermination company.

Lastly, we have received training from and are certified by the City of New York in the Identification and Detection of Bedbugs throughout their various stages of life. No other company can claim this.

*We can not force a Hotel and their staff to comply with our search. There are NO REFUNDS, however you may opt to change the location of your stay and we will allow you a credit towards a search at another Hotel (expenses/fuel/parking apply)

** We do not search people or students EVER. All Rooms are first cleared of people and checked for hazards. Rooms which have undergone treatment for bedbugs must wait 3 weeks since final treatment to be safe for our K-9’s to search effectively.

To schedule a search contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 631-594-2765

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Stayed at Royal Atlantic in April of 2007. Woke up in the morning to a bedbug crawling across the sheet. Upon reporting this to the front desk,They could care less and had an attitude about it. My gf's leg was bitten up pretty badly and became infected.
The front desk offered to mail us a certificate for a free weekends stay, but never followed through; not that either of us would have taken advantage of it any way.

Just found this site and thought it was worth posting the experience.

June 2008, room 62

When we first got in the room, I saw one on the bathroom vanity. I didn't realize what kind of bug it was then. We ignored it and later that day saw one on the wall. It wasn't until that night in the bed when I opened my eyes for a moment and saw one run past my face. I mean, RIGHT past my face! I jumped up. My husband and I caught several and put them in a ziplock bag. We couldn't get another room then because the front desk/office is closed during the night. Plus ou

r 6 year old was already asleep in the other room and we had nowhere else to go. I slept in a foldable beach chair we brought until the office opened up at 5 pr 6 the next morning. I brought the bag to the office and showed them. They seemed not to believe me at first but then gave us another room. The manager came back with me to "inspect" the room. I went in the bedroom to wake my daughter. When I pulled back the shades to let in some light, bugs were literally running down her legs and arms. She was bitten from head to toe! They moved us to another room and offered to launder our clothes, but they never even apologized! They acted like it was my fault.

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