Affinia Shelburne
303 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016-3165

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I have stayed at the Affinia twice now. Once for 4 months at a stretch earlier this year. And I was bitten then, albeit the bites disappeared within a few days. And I let it go as I did not fathom it to be bed bugs, per se. However, on my last visit, a week ago, I was bitten again. And the bites this time around have been far more severe. I am in pain and discomfort now for over a week. I spoke to the management to let them know they have a serious bedbug problem. To that, they sent me some "bed

bug report" that came from the "Anti Bedbug" team that they hired. Given they charge top dollar, this is absolutely unacceptable. Please be careful as this hotel has a severe bedbug problem. I bet you if more and more people read about this, they will come forward and accept that they too were bitten by bedbugs.

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