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Toronto, ON M9W5G1

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We stayed at this hotel on November 17, 2015. Room 621. When I lifted the bedsheets to go to bed, I found a bed bug. My husband phoned the front desk and they agreed to move us to another room. From the next room (617) I called the night manager who agreed to sent someone to check the new room. A nice lady came and checked but she did say that she couldn't be sure that there was none. She changed the duvet. After researching how to look for bed bugs, it is evident that the person who came to ch

eck, had no idea how to do so.
We are very disappointed with this hotel and would not stay there again.

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Room 621 September 14,2015

I had felt sick and, had a headache from the first morning woke at hotel. I didn't understand why and, thought I must have a touch of flu. I had also noticed several bug bites that I didn't have previous to checking in and, was wondering where they had come from.

On the third night of my stay I observed and captured multiple bed bugs on the king size bed.

I immediately called the front desk. The manager was very helpful and, came up to the room within 2 min

utes of my call.
He offered to comp my stay thus far and move my room. He also offered to dry clean all of my clothing .
Not wanting to bring any bugs with me to the new room, I left everything luggage and, all to be cleaned when I moved rooms.
They wanted to move me to another room on the 6th floor but, I asked for a different floor and was moved to the 10th.

Looking at the other reviews here it looks like the 6th floor has an infestation.

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Room 606 had the same. My girlfriend and I found a few in the king size bed. When we checked out, the front desk claimed they check and clean every night and unapologetic.

Obviously not.

Worst hotel ever.

My wife and I read some reviews on the hotel they all mentioned bed bugs so we checked in but before we brought our stuff in we checked for bed bugs found 1 in room608 on the couch than got another room and found another one very quickly we were out of there and cancel our booking and left they were both found on couch the hotel overall is dirty carpets stained.

Will never stay there again

A fellow traveller told us he found a bedbug in his room this morning which hotel staff confirmed, they were not apologetic but did not make him pay for his room. We found the rooms to be very rundown. Will not stay there again.

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