Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre
801 Dixon Road
Toronto, ON M9W1J5

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June 23
2 guest in 2 separate rooms. When we left the hotel we both spoke of bug bites. At first we thought they might be mosquito bites, but they were in locations that would be very difficult for a mosquito. A day later these clearly were not mosquito bites. One guest reported this to management and they said they take it seriously and would look into the situation.

I noticed an insect crawling up the side of the mattress while packing the morning I was checking out of the hotel. To get a better look, I emptied out a pill case that I had some jewelry in and captured the bug in the pill case.

I texted a friend who works in public health a picture of the insect, and compared it to photos online. All the body parts were the correct size and shape for a bedbug.

I brought the live bedbug to the manager when I checked out, and he assured me they would hav

e it tested and he would get back to me.

Right now, all my luggage is inside plastic bags in the garage with all my clothing still packed inside.

I would like to know what the hotel is doing about this, but I have a feeling that, despite a live bed bug being brought to them, they are going to tell me that it's not "an infestation.

I can update when (if ever) I hear from the hotel.

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