Mountain Melodies Inn
1949 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-4903

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Checked in 01/14/16. The door was not locked, because the key did not work. The next morning they had another key made. The sheets had not been changed on the beds. They brought more sheets and I changed them myself, and I wasn't sure they were actually clean. Thankfully I had a blanket and pillows from home. The bathroom was not clean, but it was too late to get another room. I was very careful not to touch anything. At 2:30 am I woke up with my legs and my arms itching miserably. I turn

ed on the light and found a Bed Bug crawling on my pajamas. Evidently I am highly allergic to Bed Bug Bites, because it has been over two weeks and the bites are like skin ulcers, they won't heal, itch worse than anything I have ever had, and it look like I have leprosy. I didn't even try to get a refund, I left as fast I could. I have pictures of the bugs in the bed and the wounds on my skin. Most miserable weekend ever. Now, I am afraid to go back to Pigeon Forge, even though it has always been one of our favorite places.

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Checked in 11/27 pm wife woke at 7am sat to fine she had been bitten 3 times by a spider.Wound up at ER. Front desk refunded the second night since we were not about to stay another night even if it were free. Would not refund the first night. I spoke with general mgr a couple days later to be told no refund because they found no spiders....well no shit, they hide. This hotel is so run down, along with alot of pigeon forge.

I woke up at 6 a.m. to a bedbug crawling on the small of my back! I was disgusted and outraged! I am very vigilant about checking for them each and every time I travel, but evidently I didn't check well enough. The hotel issued a refund, but that doesn't even begin to resolve the issue should one of these little blood suckers end up making it's way to your home!

Woke up to find pest control guys in my hallway on Aug 4. Overheard them talking. Had three more rooms to do they said. Only seen one bug. Mike

We checked in on July 1,2014 and checked out on July 2, 2014! There were water stains on ceiling! Wallpaper was peeling off the walls! Still being noisy doing some kind of maintance at 11:30pm. Found a bedbug in my boys bed next morning and one on the wall!,Was holes in the sheets! And they wouldn't give any kind of refund for there nastiness

We checked in on 7/4/2013 we had room 301 and 304. One was 2 bedroom suite. Before we ever set our bags down I checked the bed up by the headboard and found one. I went to the next bed and found another one. I showed it to the girl at the desk and we were given a full refund and left. I hope that others see things and at least check for them!

We got up and blood was smeared all over our bed sheets. We then took a closer look at the bed and saw bed bugs. We called the front desk and they then sent 2 employees up to our room. They said the room had been closed for 2 weeks and was just reopened after bed bug treatment. However, the lady at the front desk said the room was closed for 2 days for bed bug treatment. My point is why was the room not checked before they rented it to us or at least tell us it was treated for bed bugs. Greed

is a terrible thing and totally ruined our vacation. These people were only concerned with renting the room and not the comfort of their guest. May 25 2013

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I woke up at 1:30 a.m. with bed bugs all over the pillow. There was blood smeared down my arm where I had crushed one in my sleep. I demanded a refund and had to threaten to call the police. I left at 2:30 a.m. after showering and throwing away EVERYTHING I brought with me! I finally got a refund and made the 5 hour drive home, disgusted! Over the next 2 days, red bumps came up all down my arms and on my forehead. THIS PLACE NEEDS CLOSED!

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