Landmark Inn
401 Forks Of The River Pkwy
Sevierville, TN 37862

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Girlfriend woke up with red blotches on her back and at first we thought it might be been from the previous day's outing but when I was making the bed this morning I found what is indisputably a bedbug. I trapped it in a water bottle and took it to the front desk window. The guy says he will call an expert and maybe get back to us Wednesday if they confirm. (Keep in mind there's clearly a bedbug in a bottle the counter and we're checking out to leave TN) He didn't offer any help at all, monetari

ly or advice and watched us go across the street to the gas station for trash bags to stuff all of our belongings in so we could bring them home to be sanitized or debugged or whatever you'd call having to take my trash bags full of clothes from my porch to the laundry mat tomorrow after work and wash them on high heat. He was sure to correct my girlfriend that we had spent $371 NOT $400 like she said when she was asking for some kind of help and pretty much implied that we were trying to pull one over on him. "This just doesn't happen here" well, it does, it did, and they DO NOT CARE!

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On 8/29/2015 my wife and I awake to bed bugs she was itching scratching call the front desk and was told that management wouldn't be in until 700 in the am we are about an hour away from home this is what happens when our stores and motels are being taken over by India people hell there use to sleep with goats as family members and being chased by elephant and Tigers

No bedbugs that we are aware of. But...we called to get a room, they had one room left. We agreed to take the room, told the gentleman on the phone we would be there after we had dinner. After dinner, we decided we should drive a little longer towards home in Florida. We stopped by to cancel room, but were told we could not since it was guaranteed with a credit card. We were disappointed that we had to pay, but we did but stay. I feel since it was under 2 hours since we called and booked, we sh

ould have been able to cancel with a full refund. People were turned away while we were asking about canceling and were turned away.

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At 4:00 in the morning on may 18, 2015 I woke up to my arm itching an my kids in the bed with me an my mother in the next bed. I deside to look at the bed an what I find is bed bugs at this point me an my mother are taken the beds apart an we find more bed bugs to both beds. Even one on my mothers pillow... so we call the front desk an tell them that they have bed bugs an all they say is ok... so we go to the front desk an tell them face to face an all they want to do is move us rooms. Sorry I r

ather sleep in my car. So no sleep an no money back. I even had to take my kids outside to strip there clothes off so i know my kids wasnt bit......Thanks landmark inn!

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I was there on 9-1 and checked in guess what bed bugs, was sent to another room on a different lever, also bed bugs. Had to leave and wait 2 weeks for my money, disgusting. after the third hotel found one without bugs. whew!

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