Courtyard Norfolk Downtown
520 E Plume St
Norfolk, VA 23510

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I am trying to find anyone else who may suspect this hotel.

I stayed there in mid March and about 2 months later discovered bedbugs in my home back in the UK - its been stressful and expensive to get rid of them (still ongoing). Unfortunately I cannot remember my room number.

The reason for the delay in finding them is that I have no reaction to their bites (apparently one of the 1 in 10 lucky people) - which is why I cannot be sure exactly where they came from.

My colleague, staying in

an adjacent room was bitten by something when we were there, but could not confirm what (I must admit that bedbugs were the last thing I expected to be on the lookout for at the time), I have not undertaken any other significant travel since then and can think of no other source for the infestation, given the timescales - hence my suspicions.

I have asked the hotel, who have assured me that they have never had a problem and are inspected regularly.

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