Norfolk Waterside Marriott
235 E Main St
Norfolk, VA 23510-1668

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Received 4 bites in my room on my leg on the 9th floor. Didn't see bugs but immediately asked for a room change. Not impressed.....

Stayed there July 18 - 20, 2012. The last morning prior to checking out I found a bed bug running across the bed. I reported it. I checked out but was there for a conference, so I spoke with the manager later in the day. He said they inspected the room and found no others...

I stayed in this hotel from 14-16 May 2012. On the 15th I noticed two bites on my left leg. I originally thought they may have been 'bugs/chiggers' as I had been at the golf course the day prior. The next day I noticed a third bite. After I departed and talked with my wife, I suspected bed bugs. I made the report to the hotel and then checked this website...and sure enough, this is the third report. So I stingily believe my bites were bed bugs, although I never did an inspection of the bed

while I was there.

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Stayed there sept 3-5. Woke up to several bites on my back and legs. Saw what was either bugs or droppings along the seam of the mattresses.
reported to front desk, but was checking out so unaware of what was done about it.

My friend and I were staying in the hotel for a friend's wedding, room 1704 on the weekend of August 13-15. On August 14th my friend found a bed bug (an actual bug!) on the sheets as she was waking up from a nap. She immediately brought it downstairs to show the hotel staff and they moved us to another room, 1725. I demanded an inspection of the new room, as well as the old one because i wanted to see if there was an infestation. Upon looking at the beds of our old room, there was old blood

stains on the sheets of my bed!! because i checked in so late the night before i didn't even look at the sheets, i just fell asleep. I am still disgusted when i think about it; not only did we find bed bugs at this hotel, but the sheets also had someone else's dried blood on them. Three hotel staff members were witness to this discover, none of them could deny it.

I had to tell hotel staff what to do at that point, not one staff member researched or knew the proper ways to prevent spreading of the bugs. my biggest fear was bringing bed bugs back home with me, and that is exactly what happened. i've already had to throw away a bed frame and have to have my whole apartment heat-treated, all to kill a bed bug that i brought back with from the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. Stay away!!!

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