Sheraton Norfolk Waterside
777 Waterside Dr
Norfolk, VA

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Stayed 11/09/15 Room 517. Bed bugs found, pictures, and video taken. Several of them. Housekeeper said room was previously decontaminated. AVOID THIS HOTEL

I saw bedbugs crawling all over the bed in my room on 1/17/15 on 7th floor. I was then given the room next door, which I didn't see any...however, I could not sleep the whole night and slept with the light on.

Stayed at this location from Aug. 10-12 , 2012 . DID not realize that these horrible little bugs had gotten into my luggage and traveled home with me.Three days later upon arriving home , the first one made it's appearance on our sofa.The rest is a "NIGHTMARE FROM HELL" . Not to mention the $4130.00 it cost us to replace our sofa and other furnishings.The sofa was the first place I sat my luggage upon walking in the house. Next,I made the worst mistake of ALL . I placed some
clothing from my

luggage onto the bed. Oops, there goes the mattress and box spring. Everyone in the house is being bitten left and right . Including our
precious four (4 ) year old OUCH !!!!!. I am truly PIST NOW. Called the exterminator $600.00 dollars later, with the house flipped upside down we are struggling to survive . Called the insurance company ,Sorry you're not covered for your LOSS.
We had to pay for our meals out ( family of four )
HEALTH AND COMFORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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update to my original post. I went to the doctor and the Dr. seems to think that the bites are spider bites.
It is stange that I am somehow happy that I got mauled by a spider instead of a bedbug.

Stayed in room 913. My ass and legs are bit up. Unfortunatly have dealt with this before. I am terrified that i brought them home.

I posted earlier, regarding room 710. Stayed 5/23 - 5/26 2011

Never saw any signs of bugs looked every where. Spoke with the management and a third party bug exterminator that specializes in bed bugs found no signs after completely disassembling the room, and they checked for fleas with hormone traps (no fleas)

As I first suspected, it was a reaction to the detergents. The detergents used are stronger than what I use to insure the bedding is properly cleaned and sanitized.

What a reli


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May 23-25th 2011 in room 710 I was eaten alive for two nights. Showed the front desk the bites and purple bruises and they moved me to the 10th floor.

July 4, 2010. The 8 th floor room was infested with bed bugs. Check for the signs. Skeletons. excretement and the bugs themselves. We only found out the next day after itching at 4.30 am the previous night and finding them under the mattress the next day. I did not believe it at first. Now I am itching and worried about if I have brought them home.

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