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5351 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Found 2 reports:

Checked in on 1/30/2016. First thing I do when checking in a room is to check the bed of a hotel. Sure enough found two bed bugs along the seam of the matteress. I promptly reported my findings to the desk clerk who informed me since I booked through priceline.com there was nothing he could do. I left and booked a romm at the Hampton Inn down the street.


I travel a lot so I have encountered many bed bugs before, I'm always very careful and check the bed thoroughly as I can. There were no bugs I can see so when to sleep with the lights always on since these critters are nocturnal. Well, about 3 AM I found huge bed bug bitten me 3 times and started to get away from me. I caught it and killed it. The bug was full of blood when I killed it. I hate these bed bugs and hotels should do better job of getting rid of them.

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