Best Western Baraboo Inn
725 W Pine St
Baraboo, WI 53913

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We stayed in the hotel Saturday, June 29-July 1, 2019. My husband and I both had bites on our bodies after the first night. We thought they were mosquito bites. After the second night, we had more bites. We suspected they were bed bug bites because we had an infestation at our home 15 years ago and were familiar with the type of bites. The bites were all in a row, very inflamed, and intensely itchy. On our third night, we checked the bed for bugs and found two dead bed bugs in the sheets.

We are certain that's what they were, because of our experience many years ago (one never forgets!). I filled out the comment card in the room saying that we found bed bugs, and placed the dead bugs on a sheet of white paper next to the comment card. We told the front desk staff that we wanted to speak with the manager. The manager was not available and he called us several hours after we had checked out. The manager said the room was off limits to anyone until an investigation was completed. He offered a free stay at the hotel another night. We did not want to stay there again, so he offered a refund for one night. I believe he should have offered a refund for all three nights for the inconvenience. We itched the entire week of our vacation, and we had to carefully inspect all our belongings. We are praying that we have not brought any bed bugs home.

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