Tundra Lodge Resort and Waterpark
865 Lombardi Ave
Green Bay, WI 54304-3732

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12/5/2015 we checked out early due to our room having a bed bug infestation confirmed by management! Absolutely Gross!! Overall the place seemed very clean and was shocked when we discovered the infestation.

I stayed there for 1 night and was in the room for less than 6 hours total. I found 18 bites on myself. Room 133.

I stayed at the Tundra Lodge on December 27 and 28 and also on January 17 and 18, 2015 for the Lions home game and the post season playoff. I travel all over the country and am educated on the bedbug epidemic.Our room was quite nice, clean and bedbug free and the staff was amazing. It was a great time so close to Lambeau Field. We had a great time!

Room 121 has bed bugs!!! And the hotel has not confirmed with me that the room was properly cleaned ! I hope no one has to experience what my husband & I did this past weekend. I've never before experienced something like this & it is miserable, disfiguring & extremely embarrassing!!! It is really too bad because my kids had a great time. I am just thankful that my husband and I were the only two affected and that the kids did not experience this!

The Tundra Lodge Resort Waterpark and Conference Center responds to all guestroom comments vigorously,and handles all feedback as serious and factual.

As a result of the bed bug epidemic that continues to grow and spread, the hotel has taken numerous preventative measures to ensure the hotel and its guestrooms meet the high standards our guests have come to know and expect.
Additionally, the hotel has upgraded all of its guestrooms to include new mattress, box springs and other great new

guest amenities.

The hotel was recently inspected and determined to have no issues with guestroom cleanliness or signs of bed bugs.

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Stayed there over Memorial Day Weekend ....bug bites all over my stomach area even after I did my routine spray w/Lysol over room

Stayed there for one night and my husband and I have bites on our arms. Noticed them by the time we got home. Now disinfecting everything. I hope we didn't hring anything home with us.

there are no bed bugs they replaced the matrices

No signs of bedbugs on our trip. We stayed in rooms 308, 309, 310 for 3 nights at the beginning of November, 2012. 1 room we just used 1 bed. The other 2 rooms we used both beds and the sofa bed. We did a thorough inspection of each room, finding no signs of bedbugs. Nobody had any bites during our stay.

After working for this company for many years i have to say there is a major bedbug problem here. the Supervisors in charge would tell us to just vacuum as many of the bugs up as possible and then they would pass it with out really inspecting it. two months ago my family stayed there and brought some bugs home with them and now have a $5000 bill to get their house ridden of the bugs. I was glad when i quit because i couldnt take the face that we were told to over look the issue at hand by every

supervisor they had! i hope that place gets fined or is forced to do something to clean up because it really is a nice hotel they just choose to ignore serious problems like that.

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Stayed at this hotel 3/5/12 and no problems what so ever. Room was very clean - check for bugs but did not find any. Would recommend!

11/2011: No problems whatsoever!

My husband and I stayed at Tundra Lodge with our kids for our anniversary. The room was dirty and there was a stain on the sheets. Housekeeping lacks to say the least. After our second night, one of my children who had been sleeping on a pull out sofa had what I thought was a rash. Turned out to be bed bugs bites. I was extremely angered and all the staff did was apologize. I'm sorry, but that is not good enough for the terrible stay and the pain my child suffered. I would not recommend s

taying at this hotel to my own worst enemy.

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My husband and I stayed at the Tundra 6/5/11-6/8/11. It was the hottest few days of the year and I am 7 months pregnant, so when we checked out and my skin was red and itchy, I assumed it was heat rash. Now it's been two weeks, the giant welts and bites continue to pop up and spread, and I have found bugs in my home. They have not been professionally confirmed but pictures of the bites on other people and the bugs themselves has me convinced me we've brought bedbugs home with us from the hotel.

I am literally covered head to toe while my husband is not. It is the most miserable thing I've ever experienced; no creams or medicines have stopped the excruciating itching and I have to wear long sleeves and pants to work to hide the spots (when the last thing I want to do in my 3rd trimester is to load up on layered clothing in the summer.) I feel like a leper! I've told my doctor where I was when it started, but don't know where to go from there.

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A work associate stayed there for 1 night back in December 2010 and he said when he woke up in the morning he looked and felt like he had been bitten over most of his upper body and legs. He said he will never stay there again. Other associates stayed there also with no problems. Appears that not all rooms are infected.....yet. I am not taking any chances so I wont be staying there!

Stayed at the Tundra Lodge this past weekend. Was creeped out by this website-double checked the room-NO BED BUGS :) Room was very clean, encountered no problems. Will be back to visit again!

WOW - love this place. It's extremely clean and we have stayed here several times in the past 3 years and have never experienced a problem with bedbugs, nor any bug for that matter. The housekeeping staff pays attention to detail.

I have been staying at the Tundra Lodge every week for over two years and have never heard of nor seen any bed bugs at this hotel. This is a great place. This is my home away from home. Their like my family there.


Stayed at the Tundra Lodge room 121, didn't have any encounters with bed bugs. The room was very clean. I was nervous after seeing them on the website, and inspected the room right away when we got there. No problems for us.

I worked for Tundra Lodge and the hotel had at least three rooms with bed bugs. Be very careful when staying at this location. The housekeeping in general is lacking.

Stayed 8/24/10 for one night. Never had bedbug bites before, havent stayed anywhere for months before this stay. My wife and I woke with dozens of bites each. Fortunately kids did not, and it doesnt appear they came home with us. Search your room carefully if you stay here.

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