1880 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC V5L 1W7

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cockroaches everywhere! do NOT rent at this building. i wasn't told about this infestation before i moved in and they wont tell you either! other tenants have told me they have had bedbugs and mice and i have seen many roaches in my apartmentwith my own eyes!! not surprising just look at the state of the garbage bin... I know this company has more properties in vancouver. STAY AWAY!!!!

This building is infested with bedbugs.

The first time I got them, they told me it was my fault. Then I talked to other tenants, found other reports on this site and found other tenants have had them. If you walk around the building sometimes you'll find white powder at people's front doors, that's diatomaceous earth and they ask you not to use it despite it being a preventative measure.

After two infestations in my bed, I spent hundreds on a metal bed frame, mattress protector and little

bug traps things for the feet of the bed. I never found them in my bed again, but for the years that I was there, I always found them at my front door.
When I moved out I had to get rid of all my furniture and had to do all the steps for my clothes as if they were infested, it's a huge hassle and expensive.

The landlord will always quickly setup a time for a pest removal company to come fumigate your apartment and pay for that, but not the cost to wash all your clothes.

After being fumigated, they'll be in your apartment again in no time because the building is infested.

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