1035 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H 1L5

Found 6 reports:

I used to live in this apartment and I confirm that there were bed bugs everywhere in my unit and surrounding halls of this building. I experienced verbal abuse and harassment from this landlord. Do not move here!

This liar is hiding behind anonymous mask to make baseless defaming libelling accusation that the landlord used violence on tenants without giving a shred of evidence. The landlord is in rental properties for 50 years, has never laid a hand on any tenant. The landlord has signed statement from 3 long term tenant that they have never seen the landlord used violence on tenants and that using violence is not in the nature of the landlord. one of the the tenant had been with the building for 20 y

ears, one over 6 years and another one of the landlord's tenant stay with landlord for 30 year. Furthermore the landlord is a fragile senior now, physiologically he is not capable of using violence on the 30 something year old liar. What an outright liar the is tenant is! I refute his allegation that violence was inflicted on tenant by the landlord and shame on Bed Bug Registry for allowing such baseless accusation to be printed!

Periodic insect survey done on Mar 2019 on his suite indicated that there was no bed bug in his suite then. Careful studies and analyses on the photographic evidence sent from the liar to the landlord reveal that the could be highly be possible the person that carries bed bugs around and spread them around. By his own statement search of his apartment together with the landlord found no bed bugs on May 21st, 2020. After cleaning he found no more bed bugs. Then upon returning from trip and on night of Jun 7th, 2020 he claimed found bed bugs. Then he gave zip bag of 8 bed bugs and sent his photographic evidence to landlord. His photos show that one side of a folded blue jeans has 2 very large bed bugs, 2 other mature bed bugs, 2 small bedbugs and 2 smaller bed bugs plus 80 eggs of different sizes. The other side of the pants has 28 eggs. Based on life cycle time frame of bed bugs he has bedbugs for months not weeks (from May 28nd, 2020 to Jun 7th,2020)

The suite that he occupied briefly had been steam cleaned 5 times already. 3 other suites had been steam cleaned 3 times. The hallway, stairwells had been steam cleaned weekly. He was given $15 to dry clean the linens and clothing in dryer to kill bed bugs and eggs but he has not been seen using the dryer. He left building probably with linen and clothing still with bed bugs and eggs to infest next landlord. Bed Bug registry should alert authority to check him before he spread bed bug all over the place.

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False statements have been made by the previous anonymous posters regarding the situation at 1035 W12th Ave. The statements that allege the uttering of threats, use of abusive profane language, threats of eviction, use of violence and assault with a weapon by the landlord are false. These false statements are libellous and were made by a disgruntled previous tenant with the deliberate intent of doing harm to the reputation and well-being of the landlord and the current residents of the building

in question.

In early May of the current year we received reports of a homeless man loitering on the landing of the stairwell between the second and third floors of the building. Shortly thereafter, an infestation of bedbugs was discovered on the the landing of the stairwell. This infestation was quickly dealt with and a thorough steam cleaning of the stairwell, hallways and main floor foyer was done.

Approximately two weeks later the tenants of both unit #6 and unit #7 on the third floor reported sightings of bedbugs within their suites. Photo evidence was provided to us on May 21st, video evidence on May 25th, and a sample of living bedbugs was captured and provided to us on June 8th. A professional exterminator was hired by the tenant in #6 and this was not communicated to the landlord. Unit #7, the carpeted common areas of the building, and the stairwell were heat treated and steam cleaned by the landlord on the same day.

Unit #6 was sprayed without the prior knowledge of the landlord as the landlord had arranged to undertake a heat treatment and follow-up steam cleaning of the affected units and common areas of the building throughout the months of June, July and August. The tenant in unit #6 refused to allow the landlord into his unit saying that the unit had already been treated with a pesticide.

At the end of June, the tenant of unit #6 gave notice to move citing bedbugs as the main reason, along with dissatisfaction with the landlord's response. The prior posts were made in early August and appear to be made by this disgruntled former tenant in order to impair the landlord's future income, despite the fact that the former tenant's damage deposit was fully refunded.

Currently, traps have been placed in the areas that were treated for bedbugs in an effort to monitor the situation. So far, no further reports of bedbugs have occurred, however, steam cleaning and heat treatment is still ongoing in the building.

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DO NOT -- REPEAT -- DO NOT RENT HERE!!!! Then entire building is crawling with bedbugs everywhere. The landlord is super cheap and refuses to even the most basic of repairs!!! We offered to pay for our own pest control remediation and when they showed up the landlord violently refused to allow them to enter the building and then he proceded to attack us with a hammer!!! Stay away from this total shit hole!!!!

Landlord has threatened tenants with eviction and committed acts of physical violence -- even though there is a moratorium on evictions due to the current pandemic.

Bedbugs all over the building!
It’s disturbing! And the landlord refuses to do anything!

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