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09/24/19 Special needs guy I help with got sent home from work for his backpack being "massively infested" with bedbugs. I didn't find out til the next day. I called his work to find out why they didn't call and have they treated their locker room? They got all quiet... so I go to the guy's apt. and find bedbugs are *everywhere* all over the apartment, all over him - I've never seen such a thing. He didn't know what they were, and didn't say anything because he didn't want to get busted for havi

ng a pig sty for an apartment. Normally there's no place for me to park when I help with his grocery shopping, so I hadn't been in his apt in some months. Guy was sent home with papers about bedbugs so was able to show his apt. manager the paper thereby "reporting" it to her (guy is speech impaired due to brain injury.)

So I rent a pickup, bring a bunch of heavy-duty plastic bags and commence to getting his stuff (mostly clothes) bagged up and put into the pickup bed. I made him throw away most of what he owned, including dishes. Seriously squicked out by all this. Get the guy changed and took him to my place. Stripped him in my garage, put clothes, shoes, everything into the dryer to cook - sent guy to shower. Followed suit with my husband and then me so we didn't track anything into my house.

It took a week to get Guy's place heat treated. Cool - that's the first step. Then there are two chemical treatments to follow a week apart. Then we had the place professionally cleaned top to bottom. Then we wait ANOTHER week to see if anything emerges after the cleaning was done. Then my hubs sprayed again himself, put diatomaceous earth behind all the switch plates, and put pheromone-infused sticky traps in strategic places. We inspected with a magnifying glass before moving him back in. He's there one night and gets sent home from work the following day for having bedbugs on his new backpack! Visual inspection does nothing in an empty place. Put the "food source" back in there, and they come back out again. Disgusting! Also pheromone sticky traps are down and catching bugs in the bathroom.

10/15/19 They are finally going to heat treat the guy's apt. again, but it's unclear if they're heat treating the neighbors' units. They may spray, but it's best to heat treat, as we all know. Bunch of finger pointing - they're blaming his work, his work is blaming the apartments. At this point, it's spread throughout the second floor at least. If they don't get serious about treating the entire place and at least having it inspected by a canine, this issue is going to be ongoing.

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