4885 N Paulina St
Chicago, IL 60640-4105

Found 4 reports:

Potential seekers Beware,

Bed bugs fall in affect
Rodents in the walls, bugs and roaches crawling Throughout this building. City building inspectors really need to inspect this building in and out specially electricity.

Careless naïve Landlord.

The apartment referenced by anonymous was inspected yesterday 11/20/14 and declared bed bug free.


Bug bites and found live ones in May 2014.
Landlord sent someone out who spritzed the base boards with something.

I would be careful moving here.

Moved in August 1st, 2014. Started getting bitten. Finally found a bug after getting up early for work. Talked to neighbors and apparently the two units above me have been treated and I was not notified by my landlord and legally he doesn't have to tell me if the units were treated before I moved in only during. They are in the walls. Do not move here!

No nearby bug reports