5830 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-3721

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This place is infested with bed bugs and roaches and it never ends. The managements sends someone into your place to spray about once every 2 months, but it's a joke. A few squirts of something under the sink and they walk out.

Avoid this building at all costs! I lived there a year and the whole building is infested with bedbugs. Worst year ever! I finally ended up throwing out most of my belongings and moved out. I had several exterminations over the course of my stay there at least 8 or 9 it was pretty much every other month. But they just keep coming back from apt below or next to me.I can't even walk by that building anymore without getting sick to my stomach.

Now that I don't live here anymore, I'll share this tip. I found them in my apartment in July of 2014. Not a full-fledged infestation, just two, but enough to scare me. The problem is people bring them in with alley furniture and other buildings in the area. People are dumb enough to take used mattresses in from the back dumpsters....I've seen it happen.

Company did a thorough spray, and I did everything the internet suggested in order to prevent their multiplication. Washed and dried everyt

hing I own. Never saw another, but I moved out a few months later. If you live here, protect yourself and don't take in used furniture from the alley. It's out there because someone didn't want it....probably because it's infested with bugs.

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Several neighbors have complained that beg bugs are present. I was praying that I wouldn't encounter the same problem; however, I did find a single bed bug in the apartment. I notified management, was told that I would be contacted, that an exterminator would come out, but nothing happened. After some researched, I handled the situation independently. Unfortunately, management does not notify tenants after an outbreak occurs, but they should. My advice, stay away from this property, an

d any other property,regardless of management, that has bed bugs. Tenants need to be proactive, do your research, and don't rely on management.

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Hello Tiffany, I just wanted to say that I find it hard to believe that the bed bug problem is taken seriously by anyone at WR Property Management seeing as how I am having a severe problem in another building one block down from here. I have thousands of bites and all I'm being told is that I must have brought them in and if I want to move out I will have to pay the remainder of the lease. I know you are a new manager, but this company sucks and I'm warning every single person I know via eve

ry avenue I can to stay away from not only this leasing company, but Kenmore street period!!!!!!!!!

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There have been and always will be bed bugs in this nasty building. landlord does not care. she is too busy causing trouble. do not rent here other problems too. finally out of there..makes me sick to think of it.

Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany Engquist and I am currentley the brand new manager of 5830 N Kenmore Chicago IL. I am very displeased at the messages posted due to the poor managment of this building prior to my husband and I taking over, I just wanted to clear a few things up and invite you to visit our beautiful, Newley restored building. Bedbugs continue to be a problem throughout the chicagoland area, in order to keep this under controll we get to the situ

ation IMMEDIATLEY assisting the tenant with proper procedures, and exterminators are brought in. We will be there every step of the way untill the problem is completeley eliminated and the tenant is totally sastified. We take pride in our people and property here at WR Property Managment and would love to answer any questions you may have concerning any issue!! Feel Free to contact me anytime! Tiffany 1-773-484-8073 I look forward to hearing from you!

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Still NO sightings of bedbugs since I've moved in earlier this year. I've asked the management and they do have a comprehensive plan in the event of any outbreaks. I would have to say I am satisfied with the apartment so far.

please don’t give another chance to this building because it’s even worst with the new management ,the building is so nasty ,and the bed bug still there ,believe me I suffered a lot from that building ...don’t sign any lease with them you will regret it..

3/2/2009- I just came across this site when researching this address. As of 3/1, I am a new tenant of this building and a history of bedbugs, even breif, is most unwelcomed news.
After contacting management/ corporate of this building I was assured the past occurences of bedbugs ended late summer 2008.
Due to the nature of this pest and the number of occupants in this building incombination with builing age and other occurences in this area, I will keep a close eye on furniture/ unit/ body.

All the while, while encumbered with a 1 year lease, proactive actions will follow:
-Calk cracks/ openings
-new furniture only
-no clutter
-any mattresses/ furniture in alleyway by building will be spray painted with the words "BED BUGS" ASAP and on a continual basis.
I hope other readers will join me in these efforts esp. by not collecting disposed/ second-hand furniture.

Perhaps this building does desrve a second chance as requested by "bosslady" with WR Management.

If you see a bedbug, cockroach or management fails to perform in a resonable amount of time email [email protected]
so we can join together as a tenant team

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In response to all the tenant's complaining about bed bugs at the 5830 Kenmore building, we did complete two building wide cleanouts for bed bugs at this building and continue to monitor the building and exterminate the building bi-monthly. We did not bring these bugs to the building tenants did, and the tenant's need to be part of the solution. I can call out several tenants some that have written on this board who did not complete the necessary preparation in their unit to ensure the extermina

tion service is effective. This is not an excuse it is a fact! If the tenants do not take the time to prepare the unit then the extermination service is really worthless. We have a new management team at this building and the building/apartments are very clean and priced to rent. I would respectfully request you give this building another try!

Thank you, WR Management

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yes your are right i live in apt 410 the same building its really bad management ,,,they just dont care i still there because of my lease but iam trying to leave before ..i have bedbug +roaches and believe me you can see all kind of bugs in this building please dont rent in this building its really waist of money ....

I lived in this building from end of June 2008 to end of July 2008. One month was all I could take of bedbugs and roaches.

There are bedbugs on the 4th floor of this building (top floor). I had them in my apartment #412 when I moved in, and I immediately threw everything away and moved out. They are throughout the building. Building manager will call exterminator for you, but there is no building-wide coordination for this infestation.

The building manager will tell you your bedbugs must

be new, "we've never had them before...wow." Don't believe this. I am the second resident to post here. I talked to other residents there who also had them. Do not move in here. You'll regret it. It will cost a lot of your money, sanity, etc.

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apt fouth floor i have bebug for about 5 month and its really bad because they dont go away and i dont know what to do ..even if i complain nobody care or help in that building.....

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