8 Hampton Ln
Wilder, KY 41076

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Hotel is a newer one that I had stayed at before with no issues. Most recent (Oct 2019) stay was different, not only did I feel like it had gone downhill some- evening staff was unprofessional, cleanliness of flooring, elevators, and bathroom were questionable (literally hair and shower gel or shampoo in bottom, not to mention you could see where they had partiality “wiped clean” the shower door).. but after waking up and getting ready for the day, I ruffle through the sheets to find my phon

e only to see a bug crawling. Sure enough it was a bed bug. I do have bites, my husband hasn’t found any on him and luckily I don’t see anything on my baby. I tend to always lift the mattress when I stay places and I didn’t see anything in plain sight. I notified the manager so they could treat or whatever, but still don’t think I will be staying there again.

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